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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home

After a long winter that has left your home full of salt, sand, and dirt, it’s spring, so that means a new fresh home deep cleaning. While house cleaning is not a chore everyone enjoys, there are cleaning services that can take on the task so you don’t have to.
If you decide you like the challenge of a spring home cleaning, then we have some tips to make your home sparkle.


Before you begin your house cleaning, give yourself more room by removing what no longer needs to be there. Clear your countertops, tables, floor, and closet so you don’t spend time cleaning what you don’t need to later.

Work from Top to Bottom

To make sure you get a full home deep cleaning, start upstairs and with your vacuum cleaner, get into the corners at the ceiling and work your way down the wall to the floor. Then you can dust your furniture confidently, knowing you got all the debris from above.

Go Green

Spring brings the green back to nature, so think green inside your home too. Avoid chemical cleaners and go with something eco-friendly. Better yet, steam is an excellent way to clean just about every surface that isn’t wood. However, some steamers do work well on hardwood floors.

Air Filters

It’s easy to forget, but changing your air filter will keep your ducts cleaner for the air that circulates through your entire home.
It’s often difficult for the average person or family to find the time for a regular routine cleaning, let alone a major spring cleaning. But you can always leave it to the professionals like HOUSE CLEANING LIBERTYVILLE. Get your full home deep cleaning and make it shine like a spring morning sunrise.