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Is it Time for Furnace Replacement?

Today’s furnaces are able to withstand wear and tear for longer than ever before. But even the best furnace on the market might finally need a furnace replacement Evanston service. Furnaces don’t carry a lifetime warranty because eventually, they will begin to reach the end of their lifespan. But how do people who do not really know much about furnaces know a furnace replacement is coming soon? Here are some surefire signs.

First, your furnace is making some strange sounds. By strange, I mean buzzing, whistling, rattling, things that just don’t sound right. It is likely a time to call for a furnace repair or furnace replacement Glenview service.

Second, since your last furnace service you’ve noticed a build-up of soot, rust, excessive dust on and around your registers.

Third,  your furnace is kicking off and on far more than usual, resulting in increased energy bills.

Fourth, you’re seeing signs of crack or corrosion around the furnace or heat exchanger.

Finally, if you haven’t been having your furnace service Prospect Heights done annually, changing the filter consistently, that could lead to serious problems.

If you are seeing any of these furnace issues, call for your furnace service.

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