How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Office.

Whether or not your office has a regular cleaning schedule, it needs a deep cleaning every once in a while. Professional office cleanIng services recommend having a deep clean every 4-6 months. A deep clean is not the same as a regular clean, it is much more thorough and in depth. Once you’ve had a professional deep clean it should be easy to maintain by a regular weekly clean.

How To Clean An Office: Step by Step

This is an outline of the steps that a professional office cleaning Arlington Heights company will take.

Step 1 – The Clear Out

This is the easy bit! This is a job your employees need to do at the end of the working day. The desks and floors need to be cleared completely and any junk or clutter thrown away. Without this step the cleaning professionals won’t be able to clean properly or thoroughly. Take this opportunity for your employees to clear out their desks and organize their paperwork. It is a good time to get them to file or throw out any paperwork or files they no longer need.

Step 2: The Move

Now, all moveable furniture needs to be moved away from the sides of the room and placed towards the middle of the floor, including desks and filing cabinets. This is done so that the cleaning service can get to all the places around the edges and the corners to clean where dirt, dust and grime has built up.

Step 3: Dust & Disinfect

Initially, they will dust all the surfaces, from the top of the room to the bottom. Including: blinds, the top of cupboards, light fittings and window frames. Once this is completed they will repeat it again, using a disinfectant cleaning solution, cleaning and disinfecting simultaneously. Extra attention will be paid to surfaces that are frequently touched: phones, light switches, keyboards and door handles. 

Step 4: The Floor

Now that all of the furniture, furnishings and office equipment are sparkling and clean. It’s time to deal with the floor. If your floor is carpeted, firstly it needs to be thoroughly vacuumed. Once this is finished, the professional cleans will use an industrial carpet cleaner and wash the carpet, making sure that any stains are removed. If you have hard flooring, such as: hardwood, laminate, or ceramic tiles, it needs to first be vacuumed, to pick up any dust and bits from the floor. This is then followed up with cleaning and sanitizing using a mop..

Once the cleaning is done and the office is spic and span, and you can see your face in every surface, comes the hard bit – putting everything back to its original position!

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